Welcome to the Mouse Hole

Lois created the story of Tom the Mouse 60+ years ago for her children, who passed it on to their children, who passed it on to their children. She also shared it with her students during her brief tenure as a kindergarten teacher. Although she told the story hundreds of times, she just recently committed it to paper. Invariably, after people heard the story, they urged her to have it published, so she finally decided that the time has come.

When I was asked how I created this story, I wasn’t sure if I could remember. It was in the late 1950’s when I had only two children, both small. They loved hearing my stories, and I loved creating them.

… recalls Lois …

I would make up the stories as I went along, so that by the time one of my stories ended, I would be as surprised by the ending as my kids were. And that is the way Tom the Mouse was created.

I’m so happy that my story has endured all these years, and that now, in book form, it can be enjoyed by many more children.

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